A Slow News Day

Not that I want to get into the habit of calling out ill-conceived PR pitches. (I’ll leave that to the Bad Pitch blog boys.) But common sense sometimes can be so elusive for a healthy segment of the PR profession.

Take this PR pitch note sent yesterday to the acerbic, but entertaining folks at Jossip. It starts off:

“Slow news day?

Here’s a chance to let your readers know about an amazing contest!”

Hmmm. Slow news day? This week? On what planet?

Rightfully, the Jossip folks exposed the utter cluelessness of the PR person, yet chose anyway to publicize the promotional faux pas (with a photo). BTW — it’s for Britney Spears Beauty, the baldy’s beauty line, which may merit a separate post altogether.

I bet the PR firm and its client are pleased. After all, the authoritative gossip blog did spell the name of the promotion correctly. (I guess we should be thankful that the PR firm didn’t try to equate Ms. Spears’ recent behavior with what we witnessed during this slow news week.)