Ace in the News Hole

Location: The White House PR Strategy Room

Players: Karl Rove, Dan Bartlett, Tony Snow (dressed somberly)

Topic of the Day: Gradual loss of momentum following ABC’s “boffo” “Path to 9/11” broadcast.

Challenge: Re-take the conversation to drive Republican Congressional campaigns.

Partial Solution: Enlist “Path” screenwriter to weigh in.

(Failed) Back-up Solution: Have Fox News’ Chris Wallace bait, then ambush Bill Clinton.

Back-up Solution 2: Deploy Condi (not in her exercise outfit) to dictate talking points to New York Post, for a quid pro quo cover story.

Outcome: Unfolding on your desktop, Blackberry and at your local mainstream media outlet as we speak.

Isn’t it nice to have such sympatico news organizations at one’s disposal in the media capital of the world? Well, at least Ms. Rice paid a separate visit to the newspaper of record…albeit with a different message track.