Alumni Network

PR Newser reported yesterday that Hamilton Nolan has ankled our industry’s leading weekly trade publication for the edgier pastures of Good for him. In fact, as I thought about it, PR Week has a string of alumni who’ve springboarded to other notable editorial callings.

Ad Age’s Matt Creamer, who profiled Richard Edelman this week in a revealing Q&A, had an early career start at PR Week. So did Claire Atkinson and Doug Quenqua, both of whom are contributing to The New York Times. Matt Boyle parlayed his PR Week stint into a staff position at Fortune magazine.

Then there’s that British transplant Ellie Trickett who sojourned over to PR Week’s Haymarket sibling DM News as editor in chief. And let’s not forget Julia Hood’s esteemed predecessor Jonah Bloom (pictured) who sits atop the masthead at Ad Age.

One thing’s for sure: don’t disrespect those trade journalists. One day they may come back to taunt you. (Or in the case of Richard Edelman, annoint you.)