Aniston Exposed

I ask if it’s possible for Jennifer Aniston to be more overexposed? The former TV sitcom star, aspiring movie actor, jilted lover, newly in-touch with her estranged mother, is simply (and annoyingly) everywhere: “GMA,” “Larry King,” “ET,” “Access,” the tabs and weekly rags. This will not help her career. It may even hurt it.

Organizing media interviews for an “A”-lister does not require much effort. The weight of the celebrity and a simple story line like, “Jennifer’s on the romantic rebound (with another A-Lister)…and she has a new movie…typically does the trick. Once the booking is made, the star is set free to answer reporters’ questions, often with pre-negotiated interview parameters. Relatively little is done with the star in the way of advance messaging or preparation.

The goal (and challenge) for PR advisors lies in assuring the A-lister remains on the A-list throughout his or her career. A measured approach to media exposure helps nurture and propel that goal. Too much unmanaged exposure in a condensed time frame can hurt. Tom Cruise, you agree?) Even Paris Hilton, once the media rage, has grown very tired. Watch her less-exposed cohort Nicole Richie land a role on “The OC” and surpass Ms. Hilton in legitimate celebrity. Few, however, will surpass her in notoriety.

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