Ann’s Anger

Apparently Ann Coulter’s rant to Matt Lauer on NBC “Today” cause quite a firestorm in the blogosphere. In the contentious segment, Ms. Coulter reiterated her ill-conceived assertion, as postulated in her latest tome, that 9/11 widows were basking in their new found celebrity.

Citizen journalists surely responded (via the typical scenario of mainstream media catalyzing the blogosphere). As a result, Ms. Coulter vaulted to the top of Technorati’s “What’s Happening Now” listing of topical subjects (with 19,341 English language postings and counting).

What she said was bad enough, but who am I to cast aspersions on her hateful (and un-Christian) diatribe. Rather, it was how she acted during her TV interview that raised a few eyebrows. Some media trainers will give this type-A idealogue high marks for being so assertive in making her point. My opinion, however, is less adultory. Frankly, she came off as shrill and crass as she tried to out-maneuver Mr. Lauer (who’s no doubt accustomed to “media-trained” guests).

Again, some media training pundits encourage their clients to drown out whomever detracts from the core messaging — especially in a live interview scenario where what you say is what viewers get. Still, Ms. Coulter’s confrontational demeanor ended up detracting from her message (and credibility).

The success of her performance had less to do with what she had to say, as much as how she said it. My two cents, Ms Coulter: take a long look at the segment and re-calibrate. (While you’re at it, re-think your messaging.)