At Least They’re Dressed


Unveiling a giant commercial billboard in Times Square has been a mainstay for NYC PR practitioners as long as I can remember. Who among us hasn’t worked at one time or another with ArtKraft Strauss , the masters of such eye-popping extravaganzas? I’ll always remember the raising of a super-sized British Airways jet over the Great White Way.

Not to be outdone, the odorous folks at Calvin Klein today revealed images of its three-story perfume bottle complete with actual actors who will go “live” for two days next week. (I wonder if this credit merits inclusion on their acting resumes?) The artist’s rendition appears as a full-page “news” story in today’s New York Post. Its prominence leads me to believe that CK’s handlers offered it up as an “exclusive” to the money-losing, but always fun-to-read NYC tab.