Biz Beat Buzz

Few will argue with the girth of Conde Nast’s much-hyped entry into the crowded business magazine space. That hyperbole (along with some internal tension) fed the lukewarm reception the magazine initially endured from the abundant pundits who follow the media biz.

But those in the know knew that S.I. was in it for the long haul, and the tide may now be turning in Portfolio’s favor. Even Rafat admitted to liking the glossy biz monthly.

In the wake of his one-day confab that drew all the biz-side players in the business media to New York this week, it’s clear that the business beat is hot again. Maria still reigns, but a new brood of money honeys has blossomed. And like S.I., don’t expect Rupert to shy away from a prolonged fight.

Late word today has Wash Post-owned Slate waiting for a green light to start an online business offering. USA Today’s David Liberman jumped on the biz media trend a few months ago wherein this blogger wondered why there were so few authoritative biz blogs. My new friend Michele Leder of begged to differ in a pointed ping following that quote. And this week, I stumbled across someone’s list of the 100 best businesss blogs.

A good resource to follow this space: Chris Roush’s Talking Biz News blog from SABEW. Now let’s watch how Rupert sets free, with the not far behind.