Blog On/Blog Off

Thanks Andy Lark for flagging the posting today by Dan Gillmor, the mainstream journalist turned citizen journalist turned book author and grassroots journalism evangelist whose We the Media served as an epiphany for many of us trying to make business (and societal) sense of this extraordinary movement.

While some of us were busy keying-in our first-person narratives early today, Mr. Gillmor took a deep breath to share with his community of readers a poignant assessment of the challenges entailed in balancing one’s passion with the reality of eeking out an honest day’s wage. Aren’t we all looking for the same?

So for Denton, Calacanis, Huffington, Battelle and the many others seeking fame and fortune through this medium called the blogosphere, please know there’s a long tail of millions upon millions who may never make a dime, but will continue to make a difference.