Blogger Down

That’s it! As soon as it’s feasible, I am trashing Google Blogger and migrating to a more functional and reliable blogging platform.

My posting Saturday on the Cornell students’ efforts to rebrand the university prompted one of the leaders of the image campaign to drop me an e-mail to provide more texture to the item. I amended the post and hit “publish.” Nothing. Blogger just hung there at 0% over and over.

Apparently I’m not alone. How many thousands of Blogger users woke up this Monday morning to learn of this glitch in Google’s hosting software?

From a PR perspective, one would think that someone at the vaunted search engine monopoly would be reading its own message boards to learn that something went awry (again). Not the case. Nor can one find an explanatory message or apology from the company. (Wake up you sleepyheads in California!)

Since Blogger is free, I guess you get what you pay for. Look for an upgrade of this blog in the next couple of weeks.

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