Blogging for Dollars

Huffington, Calacanis, Battelle, Gillmor, Denton, Hauslaib… These are some of the trailblazers who have sought or are seeking to monetize the medium in which you at this moment find yourself.

Some have succeeded through generous funding from VC/angel investors or acceding to corporate buy-outs. Others have built respectable ad revenue streams. One or two have thrown in the towel.

The debate over blogging’s revenue-producing potential is framed in lively WSJ Online dialogue where Weblogs Inc’s Jason Calacanis and JupiterMedia’s Alan Meckler have it out — in a collegial kind of way.

Net net: some A-listers will make it work, while the long tail, (e.g., everyone else) will have to settle with better writing skills and a periodic back pat of peer recognition.

Do the limited prospects for generatng revenue render one’s daily blogging routine worthless? No, especially in the PR field where immersion in this medium is the best way to wrap one’s arms around a dynamic that is redefining how we think about and protect our clients’ interests. However, if your blogging goal is to reap a financial windfall, I’d say fuggetaboutit!

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