Carly’s Tome


Newly deposed HP CEO Carly Fiorina (pictured with Gwen Stefani in the previous posting) has let it be known that she intends to write a book. The purpose, of course, is to control how history recounts her tumultuous ride atop one of the most venerable brands in Silicon Valley. Why leave it to the news media to tell your story when you can do so yourself?

I didn’t understand Ms. Fiorina’s fall from grace. Yes, I recognize that she could not make the HP-Compaq merger work. And, from her first days on the job, she had powerful detractors questioning the merger (and her other decisions, I’m sure). Nonetheless, I love the company’s edgy advertising and its clever ties with celebrities (see Lance Armstrong posting below), not to mention its surprise OEM version of the iPod just in time for the holidays. Word is Ms. Fiorina will join the non-profit sector. Let’s hope this endeavor will allow her to fully tell her side of the HP story.