Media Luminaries Bezos & Kamen

Photo: Courtesy of AmazonIn spite of its recent misstep regarding its flawed reporting on Benghazi, CBS News’s venerable “60 Minutes” continues to have the capacity to drive the national conversation. And, sure enough, last night my tech-centric Twitterstream suddenly was consumed by drones — and not the killing kind – following the prolific Charlie Rose’s…… Continue reading Media Luminaries Bezos & Kamen

A “Newsroom” for the Future

I’ll always remember my first job move in PR — from a small NY-based shop specializing in motion pictures, theater and music to Hill and Knowlton with its blue chip clientele of Fortune 500 companies. I went from leveraging the power of celebrity to leveraging business and hard news to gain reporter favor – from…… Continue reading A “Newsroom” for the Future

Political PRatfalls

Bachus denies trading options on non-public info | AP Photo Can a muckraking piece on “60 Minutes” influence the national conversation and produce real change? Or has the splintered and ephemeral media, coupled with audiences so easily sidetracked by the next Paterno or Kardashian, lost their mojo to move mountains? In this new news environment where…… Continue reading Political PRatfalls

The Beeb Battles Back

When “60 Minutes” arrived on the scene, many PR pros didn’t quite know what to make of this new longer form investigative TV news program. We were not accustomed to having our charges ambushed — as the tape rolled. The techniques of command and control had yet to flourish.Many PR types counselors knee-jerked to the…… Continue reading The Beeb Battles Back