EMail: Love it or Hate it

For more than a decade, email has endured as the preferred mode for engaging journalists in an “earned media” paradigm. Of course, the term earned media wasn’t in the PR lexicon ten years ago. We simply called it media or editorial relations.PCNY Panel (8/7): NY Daily News, Good Day NY, HuffPost, WPLJ, BuzzfeedAs much as…… Continue reading EMail: Love it or Hate it

Second-Guessing Goldman

So Kwittken & Co’s namesake founder appears on CNBC to nudge Goldman Sachs’ beleaguered CEO Lloyd Blankfein to get out there more. Separately, Hiltzik Strategies’ namesake founder appears on Bloomberg TV to nudge Goldman Sachs’ embattled CEO Lloyd Blankfein to lay low.So which shall it be fellas???? And shouldn’t there be a PRSA ethical code…… Continue reading Second-Guessing Goldman