Obama’s Controlled Jump Shot

So it appears the newbies in the White House press operation have discovered the lowly VNR. This much-maligned means for managing the message for TV news consumption and regurgitation has reared its ugly head according to ABC’s Jake Tapper and now, TV Newser.The packaged piece in question features a relatively innocuous White House visit by…… Continue reading Obama’s Controlled Jump Shot

Vulgari: A TV Review

Kiefer Sutherland. Here’s a guy who seems to have it all: looks, smarts and a taut, timely, well-written hit series on Fox. Even with all this, he’s headed to jail for 48 days after pleading no contest to a DWI charge. I don’t get it.You didn’t hear about it? Well, for reasons that escape me,…… Continue reading Vulgari: A TV Review

TV Guides

Business or glossy: magazines are the subject of today’s post. We took special notice of the recent bad news from circulationdom’s main keeper, the PIB. On average, the nine leading business books dropped an average of 10.3% in ad pages from a year ago. “Only two magazines in the category are showing ad-page growth, Fast…… Continue reading TV Guides