Media Relations Summit All a Twitter

The last two years took the Bulldog Reporter Media Relations Summit to the Beltway and the Bay area. This year, it was the Big Apple’s turn to host the annual PR/media confab.Two Dans keynoted. I missed Mr. Rather, but I’m told he offered a sobering assessment of the current state of journalism, while Mr. Abrams…… Continue reading Media Relations Summit All a Twitter

Jossip’s Take on PR

Not that Jossip is the arbiter of what’s real nowadays — in spite of it being a snarkily fun read — but I couldn’t help but notice its antagonistic (if not anachronistic) view of the PR profession.In a post titled “J-School to Public Relations: Selling Out or Buying In?,” the Gawker/Defamer wannabe castigated any self-respecting…… Continue reading Jossip’s Take on PR