Friday’s Video Views

Trend SearchIf search is your thing, you’d be hard-pressed to find two more in-the-know folks than Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts. Here’s a clip of the two of them talking trends in search. (Hey, where’s my pal Lee Odden?) HT @kevinokeefe via Search Engine Land. Dreams of BMWWe all know how great advertising creative can…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

Solis and LiBrian Solis chats it up with Altimeter Group founder and Open Leadership author Charlene Li as part of his new “Revolution” video series.The Phone Jail of Keith KellyMarketwatch’s media maven Jon Friedman held a tete a tete with NY Post’s media columnist (and industry scourge to many) Keith Kelly. The title of this…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Long Live PR (and the Press Release Too)

Two posts caught my attention early this week. Both offered fairly dour assessments of the practice of public relations, and as expected, both were heavily re-tweeted into the media echo chamber.The first, from a trade journalist who no doubt has been on the receiving end of myriad PR come-ons and spam, declared that the press…… Continue reading Long Live PR (and the Press Release Too)

Robo Pitch

From today’s Twittersphere:TechCrunch’s @robinwauters PR pitches I hate: “You have probably already seen the news that blah blah. As you’re drafting your coverage of the news, blah blah blah.”TheNextWeb’s @alex I actually did see the news, and passed. Pitches like that mean I made the right call. Comes across as very arrogant, too.Ad Age’s @Aerocles…… Continue reading Robo Pitch

Alumni Network

PR Newser reported yesterday that Hamilton Nolan has ankled our industry’s leading weekly trade publication for the edgier pastures of Good for him. In fact, as I thought about it, PR Week has a string of alumni who’ve springboarded to other notable editorial callings.Ad Age’s Matt Creamer, who profiled Richard Edelman this week in…… Continue reading Alumni Network

Millennium Search

The Micropersuader today touted, or rather, tweeted, his latest Ad Age column — “Three Trends That Will Shape Digital in 2008.” It was his third trend that struck a resonant chord with this blogger: “Curators Collect and Connect:” “During the past 10 years, content has become a commodity. So has data. Information overload makes it…… Continue reading Millennium Search

The Best Job in Marketing?

Alice Cuneo, writing for, reveals for her readers the winner of “the best job in marketing.” What would you guess? — The Academy Awards and all those now-taxable goody bags filled with sponsored bling.– The Masters, the venerable golf tournament that happens to be held at a restricted country club. No problem. Just drop…… Continue reading The Best Job in Marketing?

TV Guides

Business or glossy: magazines are the subject of today’s post. We took special notice of the recent bad news from circulationdom’s main keeper, the PIB. On average, the nine leading business books dropped an average of 10.3% in ad pages from a year ago. “Only two magazines in the category are showing ad-page growth, Fast…… Continue reading TV Guides