Friday’s Video Views

Angry Birds Come to LifePlease forgive me, but I’ve never played Angry Birds. (Is there a Blackberry app for it?) For the many obsessed fans of Rovio’s most addictive app, here’s a real-life APParition. (via Mashable) PropagandaOur so-called friends (and recent Columbia University Journalism award winners) at Al Jazeera report that the U.S. is developing…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

The NHL’s Jihadist Fan Base

This blog has reported on the realignment of media (and media relations) in an age where so many blogs have a greater capacity to give a story legs than their mainstream counterparts.Sure, Mossberg and Pogue in The Journal and Times (and on their own blogs) continue to exert considerable influence over the fate (and commercial…… Continue reading The NHL’s Jihadist Fan Base