The Rise of Infographics

PCNY April 4 Luncheon: InfographicsAt the urging of my fellow Publicity Club of New York board member Lisa Kovitz of Edelman, last week we convened a panel on the explosion of infographics in news reporting.The senior news graphics decisionmakers from CNNMoney, Huffington Post, Mashable and The Associated Press walked nearly 100 New York-based PR executives…… Continue reading The Rise of Infographics

Unfiltered Kool-Aid

Hasn’t the mainstream media learned its lesson? Didn’t the unquestioned pronouncements that led to this failed administration give practicing journalists sufficient reason to say enough is enough? Jay Rosen tweets us to a post on The Atlantic’s Daily Dish blog:jayrosen_nyu Sullivan: Until Palin gives a full press conference, cable news should stop putting her road…… Continue reading Unfiltered Kool-Aid

Soothing News

Public relations is the greatest business. Like AIG, it permeates all facets of our lives — from the pernicious presidential campaign to the colossal collapses on Wall Street, or a combination thereof.Isn’t it about time that we catch a break from all these anxiety-producing headlines? Sports certainly soothes. Wasn’t that Eagles-Cowboys game awesome last night?For…… Continue reading Soothing News

Thinning Press Cred

If you thought Ari Fleischer and Dana Perino were/are liars and apologists for this failed and deceitful administration, get ready to deal with Brooke Buchanan (pictured at left).The McCain mouthpiece (and former Bush Cheney comms. director in Nevada) already is in Bush-style deception mode, if her quip to an AP reporter seeking comment on the…… Continue reading Thinning Press Cred