The Social Majority

In a November 1969 speech, the much beleaguered U.S. President Richard Nixon borrowed a page from the Frank Luntz book of deceptive, but catchy phrases when he said: “And so tonight—to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans—I ask for your support.”The term silent majority entered the American lexicon. It was a euphemism…… Continue reading The Social Majority

The A Team’s PR Missteps

TechCrunch’s ArringtonIsn’t it ironic? After years of railing against PR people, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington certainly could have used a good PR person when announcing CrunchFund, his first formal and well-financed foray into funding tech startups.Absent such counsel, Mr. Arrington now finds himself summarily booted from the tech media enterprise he started and nurtured into…… Continue reading The A Team’s PR Missteps

The Digerati

As the world turned its attention to Apple’s WWDC yesterday to hear the carefully crafted news of the $1199 13″ Macbook Pro and the “stronger” iPhone 3GS, other influencers, including The Times’s inimitable gadget guy David Pogue, opted to attend the suddenly de rigeur Webby Awards in New York City.He wasn’t the only digital luminary…… Continue reading The Digerati

Truth, Balance and Arianna

If given the choice, I’d rather go toe-to-toe with a smart, objective journalist than one who artificially seeks balance where balance may not even exist. In this way a cogent presentation of the facts may actually result in a fair hearing and an end editorial product that reflects reality. What more can we ask of…… Continue reading Truth, Balance and Arianna

Off-the-Bus, On-the-Record

If you missed Kit Seelye’s take today on how one off-the-bus Obama citizen supporter/reporter could very well derail her candidate’s political prospects, it’s a most worthwhile read. For some command-and-control PR types, it should also strike a nerve.In a nutshell, the Obama campaign invited one Mayhill Fowler, a 61-year-old reporter for Off the Bus, the…… Continue reading Off-the-Bus, On-the-Record

From Arrington to Huffington

For as long as I can remember, certain mainstream media outlets had the catalytic power to set the national news agenda. We all know the dead tree outlets of which I speak.Invariably print begat broadcast, and certain print begat everyone else, except perhaps for that no longer reigning, yet still reasonably influential king of catalytic…… Continue reading From Arrington to Huffington