Oh THAT Cigar!

Geez Louise. I had thought (and hoped) that this relatively minor, yet most consequential chapter in our nation’s history had closed. I was wrong.Last week, HBO announced it will begin production on a Dennis Quaid/Julianne Moore/Charlie Sheen-starrer called “Special Relationship,” a movie ostensibly about the relationship between British PM Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.But wait.…… Continue reading Oh THAT Cigar!

Wild Pitch

In a recent conversation with a prospective client, I probed her interest in using social media to advance her company’s business goals. She immediately answered that it’s already being done. Her proof: the success they’ve had pitching bloggers for product mentions.I paused, and gently suggested that pitching bloggers actually resides in the realm of traditional…… Continue reading Wild Pitch

What Wolfson Worry?

No. I won’t make an issue out of it. After all, how many variations have we seen on this blog’s namesake — Flackette, FlackLife, Canuck Flack, Jack Flack, etc.Maybe political strategist Howard Wolfson (pictured) is getting me back for taking him to task for the mismanagement of the Clinton campaign. Yes, I know he blamed…… Continue reading What Wolfson Worry?

On the Radar

Jeff Bercovici, the astute media reporter (and blogger) for the reinvented Radar pinged me this morning with his nomination for this week’s “Bad Pitch Blog” entry.It’s US Netcom Corp, which today moved a news release over PR Newswire with the headline:”Could Emergency Phone Notification Have Prevented Virginia Tech Massacre?”It’s reminiscent of the terrorist attacked-inspired Funeral…… Continue reading On the Radar