Misguided and Irrelevant

A couple of weeks ago, I penned a post on a new PR search application with which I am involved that I believe holds considerable promise in its ability to help the profession find the “right” journalists for their news or feature story suggestions.Rather than rely on job titles or reporting beats, MatchPoint spiders a…… Continue reading Misguided and Irrelevant

Conspicuous Unconsumption

Those writing on the ad/marketing beat give tech scribes a run for their money in terms of the number of misguided story queries that cross their desktops.It’s one thing to weigh the editorial merit of some cool new tech product, yet quite another to do the same in the promotion-laden world of consumer packaged goods.Frankly,…… Continue reading Conspicuous Unconsumption

Pedestrian PR Pitch

Any pitch that starts off with “Hope you’re well” is the kiss of death as New York Times business columnist, and now blogger, Joe Nocera astutely confirmed for us yesterday in his “Executive Suite” blog.The object of his disaffection: a publicist named Amanda from a PR firm that shares its name with the sporting world’s…… Continue reading Pedestrian PR Pitch

Danger Pitch

It has become so commonplace nowadays for journalists — mostly of the citizen variety — to “out” PR pros or firms whose story queries are either ill-suited to their tastes or grammatically challenged, or both. If the spammers, I mean senders only took a few moments to check out the space to which their clients…… Continue reading Danger Pitch

Distance PR Learning

As a credentialed blogger intending to cover last month’s Always On Conference in New York City (before client work took me out of town), I noticed that my e-mailbox rapidly filled with all sorts of inducements to meet with this or that tech entrepreneur.Few indicated any modicum of familiarity with the editorial essence of this…… Continue reading Distance PR Learning

Below the Belt

The WashPost’s Gene Weingarten is up to his old PR-bashing ways. No. He didn’t publish the e-mail addresses of those he intends to blackball for lobbing misguided story pitches his way. He simply and quite understandably pointed out how inane and “lazy” (to borrow a term from our long-tailed friend) some PR pros can be.He…… Continue reading Below the Belt