That Exclusive TV Interview

Several weeks ago, a friend referred a client prospect who was embroiled in a headline-making PR imbroglio. The out-of-work man, who shall remain nameless, filed a lawsuit against a small mom & pop shop for non-delivery of services from more than a decade earlier. To make matters worse, the founder of the shop was a…… Continue reading That Exclusive TV Interview

Free At Last

When the NY Post yesterday reported that NBC Universal chief (and former “Today” EP prodigy) Jeff Zucker made a personal plea to Paris Hilton’s father to trump Barbara Walters for the privilege of Ms. Hilton’s first post-jail interview, the network went on full damage control: “NBC News has not and will not pay for interviews,”…… Continue reading Free At Last

Rosie’s Riveting Ruse

I don’t care how it was spun. Rosie was booted from “The View.” And Barbara Walters took the lead in making it happen. Sure. Ms. Walters lamely denied her complicity. And yes, Rosie sputtered through some nonsense about how contract negotiations broke down. “I wanted one year, they wanted three years, they offered two…” Gimme…… Continue reading Rosie’s Riveting Ruse