What Me Worry

My wife and I recently had dinner with a friend who’s one of the nation’s top real estate executives. In addition to consulting, she’s taught her professional calling at Harvard Business School, Columbia, Yale, etc. Anyway, during the course of the conversation, she named Brazil,China and Russia as the markets experiencing the biggest real estate…… Continue reading What Me Worry

Saturation Point

The headlines seemed contradictory: “Shining a Light: Sometimes non-stop publicity is exactly what a hostage needs” – The Times of London (July 5, 2007)”The Gripe: Too much publicity is an unforgivable curse” – Baltimore Sun (July 6, 2007)Both reporters opined on the fate of two Brits, yet each viewed the advent of media attention in…… Continue reading Saturation Point

The Beeb Battles Back

When “60 Minutes” arrived on the scene, many PR pros didn’t quite know what to make of this new longer form investigative TV news program. We were not accustomed to having our charges ambushed — as the tape rolled. The techniques of command and control had yet to flourish.Many PR types counselors knee-jerked to the…… Continue reading The Beeb Battles Back