The PR Dream Act

The Twitter Deluge Is The New Press Release… cc @thinkprogress— Ben Smith (@BuzzFeedBen) October 1, 2012 Yesterday, former Politico scribe Ben Smith who now toils in BuzzFeed’s media trenches under the nom de twume BuzzFeedBen tweeted a link to his colleague Ruby Cramer’s post declaring that “The Twitter Deluge is the New Press Release.”…… Continue reading The PR Dream Act

Is Twitter Influence Portable?

When influential chronicler of all things politics Ben Smith announced his decision to leave Politico to edit Jonah Peretti’s ascendent BuzzFeed blog, the Twittersphere was all abuzz with congratulatory words. After all, Mr. Smith had amassed some 60,000 followers on Twitter during his time at Politico.As one of his followers, I tweeted both warm wishes and…… Continue reading Is Twitter Influence Portable?

Just Another Astroturfing Campaign

While on family holiday this past week, escaping just ahead of an expected brush with Bob, I took notice of the latest revelation about Beltway-based Bonner & Associates. Actually, my buddy Geoff Livingston tipped me off via a tweet that linked to a piece outing the “grassroots” specialist firm.Before I go there, I’m reminded…… Continue reading Just Another Astroturfing Campaign