Monopoly Mash-Up

Scrabulous. You remember that little tempest in a teapot? It seems like forever ago when a couple of young entrepreneurs from India created a Facebook version of the popular word game that ultimately grew into the most downloaded third-party app in Mr. Zuckerberg’s burgeoning empire.In December 2007, this blogger took note of the fabulous Scrabulous…… Continue reading Monopoly Mash-Up

PR Blogger Secrets

When you’re personally committed to post (almost) daily, there are times when the creative well appears to run dry. You resort to scanning your RSS reader’s PR and media folders for original posts, i.e., those that defy the blogging echo chamber.You scroll down your news portal’s home page for any interesting fodder. And finally you…… Continue reading PR Blogger Secrets

The Micropersuader

You have to admire Steve Rubel. Sure, many PR people are jealous of his high ranking (89) on the Technorati stats or that he’s become a really famous PR person. (I wonder if he even considers himself a PR person?)Hey Steve, this blogger finally broke the 36,000 mark — a motivating milestone rationalized by simple…… Continue reading The Micropersuader