Sixty Minutes with David Pogue

Renaissance gadget guy David Pogue is one very bright and entertaining fellow. In fact, he can be downright hilarious, plus he has a real New York sensibility.Yesterday he delivered a rousing PPT (is this an oxymoron?), infused with video, that kept hundreds of PR types wired to their seats at the Bulldog Conference in DC.…… Continue reading Sixty Minutes with David Pogue

Beltway Media Confab

I forgot how much I love Washington DC, especially on a spectacularly sunny day (with low humidity). Bill, Vickie and the gang at the Washington D.C. Convention & Tourism Corp. have so much with which to work. If you make one trip this summer, Washington should be at or near the top of your list.Anyway,…… Continue reading Beltway Media Confab

Rank and File

So Canadian PR blogger Ed Lee and I exchanged a few emails on the subject of that Toddand ranking of top marketing blogs.Ed was complimentary about this blogger’s daily content, but he also (correctly) observed the disconnect between my (reasonably entertaining and I think informative) content and my metrics on that questionable barometer (to which…… Continue reading Rank and File

Checked Out, My Dear Watson

Was I asleep at the wheel or did one of the industry’s more astute observers of the profession give up his blogging ways?Sure, the Holmes Report website seems up to date, but the site’s proprietor hasn’t shared his acerbic British-American wit for the RSS crowd since the Super Bowl in February. No notice. No farewell.…… Continue reading Checked Out, My Dear Watson

Trained Journalist

A confluence of postings brings me to the subject of today’s piece. The idea was sparked by a rant from a Silicon Valley product manager who bemoaned how inaccurate and lazy mainstream and citizen journalists can be: “It’s a totally different world out there, assumptions I had about the knowledge level of the people I…… Continue reading Trained Journalist