The Bloomberg Files

Oh the irony of ironies! Leave it to Gawker to re-open the Bloomberg spying debacle with new revelations on just what client information reporters had access to. Gawker’s Nitasha Tiku is giving Hamilton Nolan a run for his money in the “make-a-splash” department though it’s doubtful she’ll ever match his proclivity for profanity.In her piece…… Continue reading The Bloomberg Files

Zucker to CNN…Presumably

Jeff ZuckerIt is 3pm Wednesday, and the news of former NBCUni’s chief Jeff Zucker’s ascension to the leadership of CNN Worldwide has still not yet been confirmed by Time-Warner, nor Mr. Zucker himself. Even so, the Twitterstream was buzzing last night and today with hedged assertions that this news was manifest. Leading the charge was…… Continue reading Zucker to CNN…Presumably

Friday’s Video Views

A Bloomberg Game ChangerBloomberg flexes its journalistic muscle with this 25-minute interview with today’s definitive “game changer” Mark Zuckerberg. Page One Media EditorApparently the director of New York Times film doc “Page One” fell ill at the last minute and asked Bruce Headlam, the news org’s usually behind-the-scenes media editor, i.e., David Carr & Brian…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

Like + Follow = ?This week, Twitter introduced its “follow” button, which is not dissimilar to Facebook’s “like” button, and a cousin to Google’s “+1” button. Geesh I’m confused. Here’s a look at Google +1. H/T HuffPost TechGMail RapportSince we’re talking Google, here’s a GMail plug-in called Rapportive whose upgrade in recent weeks set the…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Four New Yorkers on Media & Technology

I had a chance to attend Digital Hollywood’s Advertising 2.0 confab these last two days — or at least two of the three keynotes that interested me. (I missed The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown.)Yesterday, Business Week’s Jon Fine took IAC’s eminently quotable CEO Barry Diller through the paces. Diller must have felt right at home.…… Continue reading Four New Yorkers on Media & Technology