Friday’s Video Views

Social TV: Boxee Box DemoThis week, the much buzzed-about Boxee box shipped. Some say it may be better than its deeper-pocketed rivals Google TV and Apple TV. Here’s a review from the Hill Holliday blog. Bulldogs: Brill and Woodward on Campus Yale University’s Poynter Fellowship in Journalism sponsored a chat with Steven Brill and Bob…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views


Last week, I happened to catch one of the unfair and imbalanced Bill O’Reilly’s “Talking Points Memo” segments (not to be confused with the pilfered name of Joshua Mica Marshall’s influential blog).This particular one-sided O’Reilly diatribe railed against George Soros. (A few days earlier, it was Bill Moyers.)In the Soros segment., the host showed a…… Continue reading Propagandist(s)