Digital Reading Room

It has been six months since I last posted a list of must-read books for the digitally minded PR and marketing types among us. Here is the latest compendium of long-form works that hopefully will complement the information bursts that incessantly stream across your desktops, laptops, iPads and smart phones.I’m certain I missed a few,…… Continue reading Digital Reading Room

The Reading Room

We were gathered at our bi-monthly Boys’ Lunch at Michael’s last month when one of “the boys,” a very senior media-minded communications executive, looked at me incredulously when I said I actually read Bernoff’s Groundswell, Jarvis’s What Would Google Do, and Godin’s Tribes, among others.He definitely thought I was either drunk on the Kool-Aid or…… Continue reading The Reading Room

A Million Little (Faded) Memories

Jeff Leeds of The Times today poses the question on everyone’s mind (well, maybe not everyone’s). Can brand Britney rebound from her self-inflicted career meltdown?As I pondered this lofty question, I stumbled on a short piece involving yet another once seemingly doomed-to-oblivion celebrity.The Oprah-diss-graced non-fiction fiction writer James Frey (pictured) has a new tome on…… Continue reading A Million Little (Faded) Memories