Newsing the Web

We’re in the midst of another one of those mindboggling weeks in New York City for anyone toiling in the PR, marketing, media, and digital arenas. So much to see. So much to do. FourSquare check-ins are swarming. It’s Internet Week!Of course, working stiffs need to be judicious about the events they choose to attend.…… Continue reading Newsing the Web

PR-Less Pitches

Robert Scoble has a worthwhile discussion on his blog. It sums up how he likes to be pitched story ideas. Hint. It’s more geek-to-geek than PR to journo, with a little crowd-sourcing thrown in for validation. It’s also “PR-less”:This is the way I love to learn about a company.No, not from a PR firm.No, not…… Continue reading PR-Less Pitches

Comcast Listens…At Last

I just came back from the Lincoln dealer, which had finally fixed the dent in my roof caused by a failed roof rack. (When I arrived to collect my car, the owner smiled at me and said “squeaky wheel.”)You may remember my post on the Monday after the July 4th weekend wherein I ranted on…… Continue reading Comcast Listens…At Last

“Thrilled” and “Excited”

“…according to a person briefed on the negotiations who would not be identified because the deal has not been formally announced.” This is from this morning’s New York Times business story by the paper’s youthful TV reporter and decoder Brian Stelter. It pre-reports the deal between Apple and HBO to finally offer for sale the…… Continue reading “Thrilled” and “Excited”

The Beet on Joost

My friend and sometimes collaborator Andy Plesser recently caught up with Liz Gannes, the editor of Om Malik’s increasingly influential spinoff site NewTeeVee.Could it be that NewTeeVee has usurped TVNewser now that Brian Stelter graduated college and moved on to The Times as a media reporter? Not so fast, says Laurel, whose Jupiter-infused mediabistro recently…… Continue reading The Beet on Joost