Higher Ed Muscles In

Start with Yahoo and Google, and go from there. This seems to be the recipe cooked up by 35 of the nation’s most prestigious universities in an effort to re-exert their influence over the science news that percolates in the public domain. Specifically, the MercNews reports, these universities have banded together to form and sustain…… Continue reading Higher Ed Muscles In

Clip-Craving Clients

In this new communications paradigm, what PR skills and client deliverables remain unscathed?Converseon’s chief strategist Mike Moran retweeted a link to a post this morning by Paul Gillin with the bodacious title Why Online Matters More Than Print. In it, Mr. Gillin extols the superior buzzmaking virtues of online media versus print (and broadcast), which…… Continue reading Clip-Craving Clients

Let Us Now Pay for Famous Men

I enjoyed reading Brian Stelter’s piece over the weekend in which he catalogued the one-episode wonders of the modern television age. The shows ranged from Jackie Gleason’s “You’re in the Picture” to “Secret Talents of the Stars.” Their shared recipe for instant failure? No one watched them.So what are broadcasters to do in an age…… Continue reading Let Us Now Pay for Famous Men

Blogs Beget Broadcast

Years ago, when a story popped on a network morning show or evening newscast, invariably it had its origin in some daily newspaper somewhere. Any quick Factiva or Lexis-Nexis search could confirm that.And we all know those longer-form psycho segments on ABC’s “20/20” or CBS’s “48 Hours,” featuring some Lothario with many wives, some murdered,…… Continue reading Blogs Beget Broadcast

Three Days in Moscow

If you happen to be one of my scant few followers on Twitter, you would have learned that I spent much of last week in Moscow. I was invited there to give two speeches on the changed dynamics of PR these last few years. The audience: about 100 corporate communications chiefs from Russia’s largest companies.…… Continue reading Three Days in Moscow

Commercial TV News

I find this one hard to believe. Researchers at The University of Oregon just promoted their study linking local TV station news content and the stations’ advertisers: “‘Stealth advertising’ counters Tivo ad skipping.” Sounds good. The researchers attempted to draw a link between news decisionmakers and those advertisers courted by the stations’ ad sales departments.The…… Continue reading Commercial TV News