Media Relations Summit All a Twitter

The last two years took the Bulldog Reporter Media Relations Summit to the Beltway and the Bay area. This year, it was the Big Apple’s turn to host the annual PR/media confab.Two Dans keynoted. I missed Mr. Rather, but I’m told he offered a sobering assessment of the current state of journalism, while Mr. Abrams…… Continue reading Media Relations Summit All a Twitter

Manage This!

I had totally forgotten about my post two years ago featuring Chief Executive magazine’s then editor Bill Holstein’s rant against PR people.It wasn’t until PR Newser’s Jason Chupick linked back to the “Jennifer and Jasons All” item in his post today based on Mr. Holstein’s latest (yet not-unfounded) first-person diss of a broad swath of…… Continue reading Manage This!

Geeks Rule

Greg Miller opened the panel discussion before a packed and overheated room of PR execs gathered for the Bulldog-sponsored 2007 PR Agency Summit at the Williams Club in NYC.He ran through some Google-centric slides, with a warning to the attendees to pay attention to the search, advertising, intelligence-gathering monopoly…or perish.He finished, looked over at me;…… Continue reading Geeks Rule

Sixty Minutes with David Pogue

Renaissance gadget guy David Pogue is one very bright and entertaining fellow. In fact, he can be downright hilarious, plus he has a real New York sensibility.Yesterday he delivered a rousing PPT (is this an oxymoron?), infused with video, that kept hundreds of PR types wired to their seats at the Bulldog Conference in DC.…… Continue reading Sixty Minutes with David Pogue

Beltway Media Confab

I forgot how much I love Washington DC, especially on a spectacularly sunny day (with low humidity). Bill, Vickie and the gang at the Washington D.C. Convention & Tourism Corp. have so much with which to work. If you make one trip this summer, Washington should be at or near the top of your list.Anyway,…… Continue reading Beltway Media Confab

I Want My NAA…Online

I’m pulling together my notes in preparation for the Bulldog Media Relations Conference starting today (Monday) in D.C. As mentioned, I’ll be presiding over the journalist panels during the two-day event, which draws hundreds of public relations professionals.Many of the questions supplied to me by the event organizers relate to how PR pros can enhance…… Continue reading I Want My NAA…Online

Free Content from Rafat

NWS-DJ: DJ Board Approves Sweeter Severance; 160 Senior Managers Now CoveredTW’s Parsons: Successful Digital Transition Would Make Time Inc. ‘Growth Business For A Long Time’ @ FOOA: Cost Per Action Ads Help Marketers Win Consumers’ Hearts, Minds And Wallets@ FOOA: How Not To Waste Billions Of Advertising DollarsIndustry Moves: Revver Shuffles Execs; Star Moved to…… Continue reading Free Content from Rafat