Bush’s Legacy Project

As I pen this, President Bush (yes, he’s still President) will take the podium at a surprise news conference in which he’ll presumably field questions (not shoes) hurled from journalists. He’ll certainly have a rich choice of timely news topics on which to opine given the unmitigated mess with which he’s leaving our next President.But…… Continue reading Bush’s Legacy Project

McClellan Comes Clean

In what can only be characterized as a cleansing of his soul, Politico today broke the exclusive that former Bush mouthpiece Scott McClellan, a once-frequent subject of this blog, has penned a tell-all. And we hear it won’t be pretty for his former puppeteers. “The eagerly awaited book, while recounting many fond memories of Bush…… Continue reading McClellan Comes Clean

PR & Petraeus

When Sen. Clinton’s PR consigliere recently said in a New York Magazine piece that she admired the Bush White House’s skills of message control, I’m sure many readers were left wondering whether this was a good thing or a bad thing (this blogger among them).This Presidency has been the most opaquely deceptive in history. Still,…… Continue reading PR & Petraeus

Too Much Credit

I stumbled upon a press release from one Lloyd Chapman, president of the American Small Business League, which alleges that White House’s PR operatives have killed a number of news stories across a range of MSM outlets. (Actually, it was Mr. Chapman’s name and the name of his organization that mostly were spiked.)At issue is…… Continue reading Too Much Credit

The Committee to Unprotect Journalists

If you think American journalists are under government siege, their plight pales in comparison to the way Russia deals with its investigative scribes (or any other malcontent).They just murder them, or so it appears, based on today’s news emanating from that increasingly despotic regime.AP Moscow reported moments ago that Ivan Safronov, the military affairs writer…… Continue reading The Committee to Unprotect Journalists