Conferences Offering A Glimpse Into Digital’s Future

As a New Yorker, I have the good fortune of easily attending any number of high profile industry conferences that take place here and attract a who’s who of those mapping our digital futures. Furthermore, events hosted by established or burgeoning media properties — many based in NYC — tend to feature more industry luminaries…… Continue reading Conferences Offering A Glimpse Into Digital’s Future

Business Insiders

Business Insider EIC Henry BlodgetIn a previous post, I rattled off some of the myriad conferences one might attend for a glimpse of today’s media, tech, and marketing punditocracy. While client obligations have forced me to be more judicious in parsing where I spend my time, Business Insider’s Ignition conference, now in its third year,…… Continue reading Business Insiders

Business Insider Ignites New York

NYC’s Time Warner CenterIn compiling the questions for this week’s much-shared “PR 3.0 Questionnaire,” I did some research to see where various blogs and news sites ranked by unique monthly visitors in relation to one another. I hadn’t done this exercise in a while, but pretty much assumed that Boing Boing no longer topped the…… Continue reading Business Insider Ignites New York