Moneyball Levers Twitterati

Having started in the PR biz handling national publicity for motion pictures, I’ve seen a fair share of pre-release buzz-making scenarios. My first boss achieved decent track-tion by holding the premier of The Who’s film “Tommy” underground in NYC’s 57th Street subway station. (It gave new meaning to the lyric “Tommy, can you hear me.”) I’ll…… Continue reading Moneyball Levers Twitterati

Second Life’s Second Life

I’m gearing up to moderate a Business Wire panel on Tuesday morning called, “A Social Media Conversation: How PR, IR and Marketing Professionals Can Engage and Participate in the Social Web.” (Now that’s a mouthful!) The punditry includes:Converseon CEO Rob KeyTNS/Cymfony Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Jim NailEngadget Editor-in-Chief, Ryan BlockGoogle Senior Business Product Manager…… Continue reading Second Life’s Second Life

Leather Astroturf

Online marketing pundits are all a twitter today over an astroturfing initiative from Coach. Apparently, the luxury leather goods maker commissioned a PR class from New York City’s Hunter College to introduce a Facebook character named Heidi Cee as a means to build anti-counterfeiting buzz. Adweek reports on the kerfuffle: But here’s the thing about…… Continue reading Leather Astroturf

Bin Laden, Bush and Bees that Buzz

Could it be that Morgan “Super Size Me” Spurlock’s new movie may have surreptitiously captured Osama Bin Laden on camera? Just consider the marketing potential if it were true.Spurred by this tantalizing tidbit, the Buzz Brothers Weinstein snapped up the U.S. rights to distribute “Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden.” Good news for…… Continue reading Bin Laden, Bush and Bees that Buzz