Media Accessibility

I’ve known Cablevision head of corp. comms. Charlie Schueler for many years, having worked on his business from time to time. The New York Observer, in its inimitable way, painted him in a rather negative light yesterday. In essence, the snarky pink newspaper accused Mr. Schueler of preventing Newsday from doing its job, which, in…… Continue reading Media Accessibility

Coaxed to Fiber

So it’s official. My former colleague, the prolific Twitterer and digital pundit Max Kalehoff, has officially made the switch. Here’s the first public announcement (via Twitter): maxkalehoff It’s official. Cablevision is disconnected and now on Verizon FIOS fiberoptic Internet/TV/phone, $99/mnth (vs Cablevision $140 mediocrity) Matters little that Cablevision reportedly is winning the war to capture…… Continue reading Coaxed to Fiber