Friday’s Video Views

The Mother of All iPad 2 Reviews…NotWith speculation and counter-speculation running rampant in advance of the now-confirmed Apple presser on March 2 to intro the iPad 2, The Next Web treats us to an early review of the best-selling product line…sort of. Apple watchers apparently liked this video judging from its 1.2MM+ views so far.…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Picture Not So Perfect

Dear Nikon and MWW,Where’s my camera? I was on Schwartzman’s panel with Parmet and Ochman. How’d those two finagle your expensive, but digitally divine device? (Joe, think of your old friend here!)Sure, I know they come with strings attached. And yes, the rules of engagement are pretty clear, unlike like that laptop “loner” program. But…… Continue reading Picture Not So Perfect