Apple of My Life

The year was 1986. I was toiling in Hill and Knowlton’s Broadcast Media department under the tutelage of George Glazer. Our focus was almost exclusively on media training and broadcast media placement. For the latter, the program pickings were rather slim by today’s standards: the network morning talk and evening news shows, a couple of…… Continue reading Apple of My Life

Friday’s Video Views

The Newspaper, AlasHere’s one person’s sobering look at (paper) newspapers’ diminished presence in our lives. (via Nextnik’s YouTube channel)Coupon CrazyGroupon CEO Andrew Mason via TechCrunch’s Evelyn RusliSocial Talking (PR) HeadsFive dimensions of social media PR by Cohn & Wolfe’s global digital president @chadlatz: (via @odwyerpr) Sounds good. Now, I ask, whether the world he describes…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Taco Tricks

Maybe it’s the cold rainy weather that has enveloped New York today, but I’m feelin’ a little glum in spite of the expected Giant-induced season-spoiler for the Pats. And then there was this little Jossip item citing my old employer for its tasteless taco trick. Apparently some folks at Taco Bell’s agency Cohn and Wolfe…… Continue reading Taco Tricks