Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition has David Kirkpatrick on his Facebook Effect and Techonomy, the iPad’s latest accessory, a New York Congressman’s opinion of BP’s spokespersons, Scoble’s next big thing in location-based companies, and Stephen Colbert’s PR-Mageddon.Zuckerberg: Grow First, Monetize LaterThe Business Insider’s Nich Carlson was one of the many interviews that Facebook Effect author and Techonomy…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

A Vote for Colbert

So what does Comedy Central’s #2 political satirist (by far) have to lose, except perhaps the election? Clearly an acquired taste, Stephen Colbert announced plans to boost the ratings of his cable TV show and, hopefully lose the last vestiges of his career-enabler, by running for the Office of U.S. President (in South Carolina).Pat Paulsen…… Continue reading A Vote for Colbert