Where Social Media Resides

CNN’s Ali Velshi @ Council of PR Firms’ Critical Issues ForumLast week I had the good fortune to attend the Council of PR Firms’ annual Critical Issues Forum and the PR+MKTG CAMP EAST events, both in New York City.Some common themes emerged from the two, not the least of which had the PR industry being…… Continue reading Where Social Media Resides

Where the PR Jobs Are

One of the topics that surfaced during the roundtable I moderated yesterday on “social media and communications” at the Real-Time Communications Conference in New York revolved around blogger engagement – to do or not to do.Now the digital pundits will invariably advise anyone who’ll listen, to always engage a disgruntled blogger no matter how far…… Continue reading Where the PR Jobs Are

Comcast Listens…At Last

I just came back from the Lincoln dealer, which had finally fixed the dent in my roof caused by a failed roof rack. (When I arrived to collect my car, the owner smiled at me and said “squeaky wheel.”)You may remember my post on the Monday after the July 4th weekend wherein I ranted on…… Continue reading Comcast Listens…At Last

Truth of False

In a recent meeting with an environmental NGO, I was asked how far I might recommend the organization go to create news, i.e.., how outrageous or incendiary should their statements or actions be in order to garner headlines? I admitted that sometimes it’s necessary to create a little theatre to break through the clutter. But…… Continue reading Truth of False