Apple Censors A Wi-Fi Critic

iPad AirApple may not have to constantly contend with a corporate mission statement like “Don’t Be Evil,” but the world’s most esteemed brand certainly recognizes and understands the value of cultivating consumer confidence. It does so by building great products, including tomorrow’s public release of the iPad Air, which, if the (company-managed) reviews are any…… Continue reading Apple Censors A Wi-Fi Critic

The Tweeky Wheel Gets Oiled

I recently noticed Craig Newmark, yes that Craig, give a Tweet-out to @comcastcares (aka Frank Eliason) over some issue he was having with his cable service.I thought at the time how Craig, the mensch that he is, would have little problem soliciting Comcast’s attention. What consumer-facing company in its right mind today would dare to…… Continue reading The Tweeky Wheel Gets Oiled