Friday’s Video Views

SxSW via CNNIf you’ve visited these pages over the last week, you’ll have seen a decent helping of posts from this year’s South by Southwest Interactive conference, (i.e., it was overwhelming!). Here’s CNN’s 3-minute look at the sites and sounds from Austin’s (and the world’s) biggest geek fest. (Via SxSW Website)Tyson’s Bird AddictionDuring his keynote…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

SxSW @ Night

South by Southwest is such an overwhelming and all-consuming experience, it’s impossible to fully capture its myriad sights and sounds. I saw one tweet that suggested starting a conference concierge business to help attendees sort it all out.Complementing the hundreds of keynotes, panels, exhibitions, and sponsor promotions are the parties by companies seeking to spur…… Continue reading SxSW @ Night

NYTM: Hackers & Coders Revival

Moderator Nate Westheimer at March 2011 New York Tech Meetup I hadn’t been to a New York Tech Meetup in several months, but there I was Tuesday evening down in NYU country opposite the still fenced-in Washington Square Park at the Skirball Center for Performing Arts (named for filmmaker and real estate developer Jack Skirball).…… Continue reading NYTM: Hackers & Coders Revival