Friday’s Video Views

Trend SearchIf search is your thing, you’d be hard-pressed to find two more in-the-know folks than Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts. Here’s a clip of the two of them talking trends in search. (Hey, where’s my pal Lee Odden?) HT @kevinokeefe via Search Engine Land. Dreams of BMWWe all know how great advertising creative can…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Search Engine Reputation Management

I constantly implore my boys to take their online profiles very seriously. A month doesn’t pass without my asking them to expunge from their Facebook pages any obscene wall posts and photos in which their “friends” tagged them in some state of unseemly debauchery, e.g., beer pong games or dubious attire.Fortunately, compared to others in…… Continue reading Search Engine Reputation Management

The Journalist’s Tableau

John Batelle may not agree, but Danny Sullivan certainly will remember: Google once had a competitor in search.Cambridge, MA-based search engine Northern Light, a client back in the day, happened to produce more relevant results than the fledgling Google (though admittedly not as fast).We were so confident in the engine’s abilities that we prodded our…… Continue reading The Journalist’s Tableau

But is It Optimized for Search?

As Yahoo! threw out its last lifeline to prevent it from falling into the arms of the boys from Redmond, Google was there to save the struggling online enterprise. Few at the time thought, or rather played up, how much turbulence such a Google-Yahoo ad partnership would generate from the regulatory authorities both here and…… Continue reading But is It Optimized for Search?

Millennium Search

The Micropersuader today touted, or rather, tweeted, his latest Ad Age column — “Three Trends That Will Shape Digital in 2008.” It was his third trend that struck a resonant chord with this blogger: “Curators Collect and Connect:” “During the past 10 years, content has become a commodity. So has data. Information overload makes it…… Continue reading Millennium Search