Your Twitter Bed

What’s a socially networked person to do? All these outlets to share one’s thoughts, ideas and cool links! It’s exasperating. Well, first he or she should get a handle on each channel’s distinctive DNA and utility. Take Twitter. The inimitable David Pogue, who’s been tooling on the microblog these last few weeks, pondered in his…… Continue reading Your Twitter Bed

Citizen-Kindled PR

This morning Saul Hansell, in the New York Times’s “Bits” blog, draws our attention to Amazon’s “Holiday Customer Review Team,” or as Saul calls it, a “user-generated public relations” program.In his post he describes how the online retailer has deployed ordinary citizens, i.e., prolific product reviewers on the Amazon site, as “third-party” company spokespersons. The…… Continue reading Citizen-Kindled PR

(Not) Ready for Prime Time PR

PR people often advise their start-up clients to make sure their ducks are in a row before the big public reveal of their new product or service.The “is-it-ready-for-primetime?” Rorschach Test should probably also apply to media sneak previews.Case in point: Microsoft’s “first broad consumer Web service, called Photosynth [which] turns multiple photos of a scene…… Continue reading (Not) Ready for Prime Time PR

Embargoed Instinct

One bought into the pitch. The other didn’t. I’m talking about your two favorite mainstream gadget gurus who today both reviewed Samsung’s iPhone wannabe, the Instinct.Curious to see both Mossberg and Pogue, let alone The AP, all time their reviews for today when the product doesn’t bow at retail until June 20.This is three weeks…… Continue reading Embargoed Instinct

Apple Gift-Givers: Beware

I love Apple products. Oh sure, the battery on the iPod has had its issues, and New York’s most ubiquitous cell phone carrier doesn’t appear even close to foregoing CDMA for GSM, and thus, iPhone compatibility — no matter how much soldering takes place.Maybe it was the love affair we had with our very first…… Continue reading Apple Gift-Givers: Beware

Sixty Minutes with David Pogue

Renaissance gadget guy David Pogue is one very bright and entertaining fellow. In fact, he can be downright hilarious, plus he has a real New York sensibility.Yesterday he delivered a rousing PPT (is this an oxymoron?), infused with video, that kept hundreds of PR types wired to their seats at the Bulldog Conference in DC.…… Continue reading Sixty Minutes with David Pogue