Someone’s Astroturfing Demand Media

The following two emails independently crossed my desktop this past week:Hello Peter!Kate here, and we’ve found an interesting infographic that I think you might enjoy. If you haven’t heard already, Demand Media has been in the news a lot lately. But just exactly why were they? Well, to enlighten you, or to recap all the…… Continue reading Someone’s Astroturfing Demand Media

Forget Journalists. It’s the Algorithm.

As PR 2.0 twists and turns its way into PR 3.0, we are constantly reminded of our growing role as producers of content that drives awareness, opinion, and action.Cases in point: the Twitterization of the Skittles home page, the de-listing of one’s Facebook friends for the sake of a Whopper, and the first appearance on…… Continue reading Forget Journalists. It’s the Algorithm.