A Lost Year for PR Agencies?

Who can keep track of the myriad year-ending media and marketing predictions posts? If you’re like me and don’t have the time to sift through everything the pundits have prognosticated, here it is in one take:We have officially entered the age of mobility wherein smartphones and tablets have overtaken desktops and laptops for content consumption and commerce. Plus…… Continue reading A Lost Year for PR Agencies?

Of Cookies & Cruises

Anyone who’s ever conducted a Google search has encountered that moment when one, two or seven days later up pops a related product ad in your desktop, laptop or mobile browser’s window. These cookie-enabled ads seem to surface on some of the most random sites.The issue of how online marketers use tracking cookies and one’s…… Continue reading Of Cookies & Cruises

Seth’s Tribal Order

In December, I read Seth Godin’s wisp of a book Tribes in which the esteemed digital pundit rallies his marketing-minded readers to break with tradition and take a leading role in the new world order.In a January 2008 post on his blog, he explained it this way: “Brand management is so 1999. Brand management was…… Continue reading Seth’s Tribal Order