Social Clout At Re/Code

Very few business news organizations enjoy the brand esteem and influence of Dow Jones’s Wall Street Journal. A prominent story within WSJ’s print or digital editions has the capacity to drive conversations, alter corporate fortunes (and stock price), and even affect government policy.On top of that, few professions, outside of technology or entertainment, have embraced…… Continue reading Social Clout At Re/Code


Since the blogosphere is often a giant echo chamber, it’s only polite to give credit where credit is due. So Guy Kawasaki, thank you for tweeting a link to your Truemors post that in turn linked to YabBlog’s (inspiring) face-outing of those behind some of today’s biggest blogs.I thought it would be good weekend fun…… Continue reading Blog-o-Rama

Incestuous Interplay

Do you think Todd Defren will ever break free from his character in Seinfeld to assert his broader industry wherewithal? I do. Defren, best known for getting PR tongues-a-wagging with his social media news release, is more versatile than the SMNR-saddled character with which he’s most closely associated.In his blog post today, Todd astutely derides…… Continue reading Incestuous Interplay

I Want My NAA…Online

I’m pulling together my notes in preparation for the Bulldog Media Relations Conference starting today (Monday) in D.C. As mentioned, I’ll be presiding over the journalist panels during the two-day event, which draws hundreds of public relations professionals.Many of the questions supplied to me by the event organizers relate to how PR pros can enhance…… Continue reading I Want My NAA…Online

Free Content from Rafat

NWS-DJ: DJ Board Approves Sweeter Severance; 160 Senior Managers Now CoveredTW’s Parsons: Successful Digital Transition Would Make Time Inc. ‘Growth Business For A Long Time’ @ FOOA: Cost Per Action Ads Help Marketers Win Consumers’ Hearts, Minds And Wallets@ FOOA: How Not To Waste Billions Of Advertising DollarsIndustry Moves: Revver Shuffles Execs; Star Moved to…… Continue reading Free Content from Rafat