What Sustains Social

I suppose I should be grateful that Angry Birds, or worse, FarmVille hasn’t seeped into my life. It’s enough of a time sync to intelligently feed the big three of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and still keep my paying clients satisfied. Thank you, Ping.fm. Now that Zynga’s “crushin it” on mobile, perhaps I should trash…… Continue reading What Sustains Social

Friday’s Video Views

The World is Safer and BTW, Our Traffic SpikedAs the implications of Osama’s sudden demise reverberated around the world, MSNBC.com Prez Charles Tillinghast chatted up the implications for his news site: “Sunday night was a very interesting night for online video viewing.” (via Beet.TV)Build Your EmpireScroll down the right column of this blog, and you’ll…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views