Friday’s Video Views

The Digital Home According to VerizonVerizon’s Director of Consumer Product Management Ann Shaub gives her company’s vision for the digital home at the 2010 Digital Home Summit (via Alan Weinkrantz). CAPTCHA the MoneyIt appears I’m not alone in my frustration trying to decipher and record those squirrelly letters on many websites. They’re called CAPTCHAs, and…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views


Twitter co-founder Biz Stone on “The Colbert Report” (posted April 4, 2009)Twitter’s other founder Evan Williams at the Ted conference (Feb 27, 2009)”Flutter” founder, Matt Ibsen (April 3, 2009)The messaging service we didn’t know we needed until we had it” is how Twitter co-founder Biz Stone described the explosive micro-blogging platform last week to Comedy…… Continue reading Blog–>Microblog–>Nanoblog?

Twitter’s PR Ride

Let’s revisit Twitter, and specifically the ubiquity of the rapidly expanding microblogging channel in the news media. Much of the coverage has occurred naturally, a bi-product of the editorial echo chamber, nourished to a great extent by Twitter’s RT-happy users.Some stories appear consensual. While others seem precipitated by Twitter itself or its PR advisors (does…… Continue reading Twitter’s PR Ride

Twitter’s Second Life

Over the years, this blog has looked at the phenomenon of hype, and specifically, how too much of it can result in diminishing returns for the recipient (i.e., your client). I always believed that regulating media attention, especially when demand for client access is at its peak, leads to long-term sustainability and (en)viability.Over the weekend.…… Continue reading Twitter’s Second Life