ExxonMobil’s Deflection Campaign

If you haven’t noticed, the world’s biggest oil company has kicked off what appears to be a rather ambitious (and pricey) advertising campaign extolling the virtues of…school teachers.I say pricey given that one of the TV spots aired during The Masters and another on “60 Minutes,” the priciest network news spot available. One can extrapolate from…… Continue reading ExxonMobil’s Deflection Campaign

Move-On Gas

I told my sister to take me off her friends e-mail distribution list. The reason: I have too many e-mails to wade through as it is, and frankly, what she typically sends has more to do with self-discovery, the key to longevity, good parenting and the usual breathless, but fictitious conspiracies, e.g. “urban legends,” that…… Continue reading Move-On Gas